Private accommodation service

You haven't found a place in our dormitories? We also offer private accommodation. Landlords can advertise for free here. Students can search for rooms.

Offering private rooms

As a landlord, you can advertise accommodation here free of charge. You can rent out an entire flat or just a single room.

Students often find it hard to get a place to stay in Stuttgart, because the demand is high and affordable housing is scarce. That is why we are always delighted to receive new advertisements!  
The new accommodation being offered will appear the next time the site is updated. Please inform the Studierendenwerk as soon as you have rented the accommodation you offered, so that we can delete it and keep the offers up-to-date. In addition, you will save yourself and the applicants time and unnecessary calls.

In order to access the form for the private accommodation service, please confirm that you have read the following terms and conditions.

Looking for a private room

If you haven't found a place in one of our residence halls or would like to live in privately rented accommodation for other reasons, you can search for private rooms here. Please note that we only provide the database. We do not check the landlords nor the accommodation offered. If you are interested in an advertisement, please get in direct touch with the landlord.

In order to access the private room search, please confirm that you have read the following terms and conditions.

Conditions for participation in the online private accommodation service

On the website, the Studierendenwerk runs an online portal under the name "Private accommodation" ("Online portal"), which gives registered users the opportunity to advertise flats which are being offered to students to rent. The use of the portal is free of charge. For registered users ("participants"), the following conditions for participation apply, in addition to the provisions in the registration form.

2.1. The online portal gives participants the opportunity to advertise flats to rent, free of charge.

2.2. On account of the technical set-up of the portal, in particular the fact that the online portal can only be accessed via the internet, it may be that there are interruptions in availability of the portal, or periods when the online portal cannot be accessed, for example, through disruptions in the public communications network or on account of power failures. The Studierendenwerk cannot be held responsible for the permanent accessibility of the online portal. Furthermore, the online portal will be either completely or partially inaccessible when maintenance work needs to be carried out (for example, when new software is being installed); the Studierendenwerk will, however, make efforts to ensure that such maintenance work is carried out at the weekends.

2.3. The Studierendenwerk reserves the right to make amendments at any time to the online portal, in particular extensions to the functions of the portal, provided that the essential functions of the online portal are retained. The Studierendenwerk will inform the participant of any substantial changes to the online portal at least one month prior to these changes being introduced. In the case of a change to the online portal which the participant feels is unreasonable, the participant may, as an exceptional case, terminate the participation contract within two weeks of receiving notice of the date of the introduction of the change.

2.4. The Studierendenwerk may employ subcontractors, e.g. they may have the online portal operated in the computer centre of a third party.

3.1. If you wish to participate, a registration request needs to be made by filling in our participation form. There is no automatic entitlement to registration. The Studierendenwerk is entitled to refuse registration. If requested, the participant is to send the Studierendenwerk a copy of his/her identification documents.

3.2. User names and passwords which the participant receives for use on the online portal are to be stored in a safe and secure place at all times and are not to be made available to any third parties. The Studierendenwerk is to be informed without delay if a third party may have gained unauthorised knowledge of passwords or user names. The Studierendenwerk will not pass on details of passwords to anyone and will never request a password from a participant in any other context than on the log-in page.

4.1. The participant is obliged always to enter up-to-date, correct and complete details in the online portal.  The participant is to make any necessary changes, in particular updates, without delay.

4.2. The participant is obliged not to demand any provisions, comparable payments or other fees from users, with which it may be reported that a tenancy agreement is negotiated or a tenancy agreement concluded.

4.3. The participant will only place logos, pictures, descriptions and other content on the portal to the extent that he/she is authorised to do so, in particular in accordance with copyright law.

4.4. The participant is explicitly forbidden from placing unlawful or unethical information on the online portal or from entering data which contains a virus, a Trojan or any similar malware, from carrying out any technical manipulation which could have a negative effect on the accessibility of the online portal, from entering information which may violate the rights of other external parties, or from publishing any content (including URLs to external websites) which has no contextual connection to the provision of rented accommodation.  

5.1. The processing and the use of data and information on the online portal is carried out through an administrator account. The administrator of the participant is the person who carried out the registration.

5.2. Data and content are not examined by the Studierendenwerk prior to publication – the upload is carried out through a fully automated process. The participant him/herself is solely responsible for the correctness and properness of the data.

6.1. In the case of a violation on the part of the participant of his/her contractual obligations, in particular the obligations in accordance with no. 4 above, as well as at the end of the term of the contract, the Studierendenwerk may block public access to the participant's content in the online portal, either completely or partially, temporarily or on a permanent basis, or may delete these completely or partially. In the selection of the measure to be taken, the Studierendenwerk will take into consideration the interests of the participant, in particular the type and scope of the breach of the obligations and any fault on the part of the participant.

6.2. Furthermore, the Studierendenwerk is entitled to block content in the case that a third party can plausibly demonstrate that there has been a violation of rights through the making available to the public of content by the participant; the Studierendenwerk is not obliged to examine to what extent the alleged violation of rights is justified; it is up to the participant to use legal means to defend him/herself, e.g. by taking appropriate action against the third party.

6.3. In all cases, the Studierendenwerk will inform the participant about the measures decided upon and give him/her the opportunity to make a statement.

7.1. The participation contract is concluded for a period of three months and is automatically terminated at the end of this period. The participant may terminate the participation contract at any time during the term of the contract. The Studierendenwerk for their part will only terminate the contract during the term of the contract if a significant reason has been established.

7.2. On ending the participation contract, all of the content entered on the portal by the participant will be blocked; it will be deleted as soon as the content is no longer needed by the Studierendenwerk for the exercising or enforcing of rights.

Should any provision of this contract be invalid or unworkable, or become invalid or unworkable in the future, then the remaining provisions of this contract remain unaffected.

Version 03/2014)


Unfortunately, not all offers of private accommodation are legitimate. In order to be able to recognise such advertisements, Stuttgart has issued a flyer. It contains numerous tips and the addresses of various contact persons who can give you further help and advice.