Paying by chip card

You can pay quickly and easily with your chip card in our canteens and cafeterias. Simply top up your semester ID or staff card at the info points or rechargers and you're ready to go! At Mensa Central you can also top up your card with your debit card (pilot project)It's even easier if you use Autoload.

Who can use the chip card?

Students and university staff who have a semester or staff ID in the form of a chip card can use it as a cashless means of payment. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences uses a different card system; you can find more information about this at the bottom of the page. Guests, staff or students who do not have an ID card can obtain a guest card for 15 euros at our info points. This amount is made up of a 10 euro deposit and 5 euros starting credit. If you have any questions about the chip card, please contact our colleagues at the info points.

+++ Watch out! +++ Banks now only issue so-called debit cards. These are now replacing giro cards. Unfortunately, our top-up machines do not yet support these cards - a problem that many other service providers are also currently experiencing. We are currently working on a solution, until then the chip cards can of course still be topped up:



  • Make a note of your card number when you receive the chip card!
  • If you lose your card, report to one of the Info Points. Found cards will be kept in a safe place.
  • If you don't have your card number or your card has not been handed in, your credit balance and deposit will, unfortunately, be lost.


  • The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is not liable for mechanical damage to the chip card. That is why you should store your card in a cover if possible. Do not bend it or keep it in your back trouser pocket.
  • With chip cards of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, in the event of damage, the deposit will be forfeited.  
  • In the event of cards with technical defects, you will receive a new chip card free of charge and your credit will be transferred.


  • If a chip card has expired, it must be extended in good time:
    • Students do this by extending their university's registration at the "Studiensekretariat" of their university. The chip card gets validated then once you pay with it.
    • Employees of University of Stuttgart extend their card at the personnel department with the same process as the application for a card.
  • If a chip card is invalid, we will charge you the guest price.  

If there are any further problems with your chip card, please come to our Info-Points or contact

Data protection information for the "electronic wallet"

Basic information:
Studierendenwerk Stuttgart observes the principles of the State Data Protection Act (Landesdatenschutzgesetzes, LDSG) and only uses the information necessary to carry out the wallet procedure. The data will not be used for any other purpose.

What data does the chip card contain?
The Studierendenwerk is responsible for the "electronic purse", which is why it only has the following data at its disposal:

  • The serial number of the chip
  • The number of your university
  • The subsidy status of the holder
  • The validity period
  • The available amount of the "purse

The chip of the card contains further data, but these are encrypted so that they are not recognizable for the Studierendenwerk. You will receive information about this additional data from your university. The Studierendenwerk has no possibility to access the data of the university.

Readable data is printed on the card. This information is not recorded by the Studierendenwerk's equipment and consequently is not stored or used in any other way.
For the Studierendenwerk, users of the card are basically anonymous. We cannot assign the data to any specific person.

What other data does Studierendenwerk Stuttgart use for the wallet?

  • For all card upgrades, the amount by which the credit is increased is stored.
  • For payment transactions, the amount to be paid and the item purchased are stored.
  • In the case of revaluations with the EC card, the bank details referred to are stored; if this is not desired, the cash revaluation can be used.
  • In the event of a chargeback, the credit balance is reduced again, the card is blocked and this process is stored.
  • When using the autoload procedure, additional data is required: Card number, the data stored at PayPal (e-mail address and password) and the debit request (revaluation amount from remaining balance).
  • At most universities, the cards are already provided with a validity date. The University of Stuttgart is the only exception. Therefore, the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart receives the serial numbers of the chip cards from the University of Stuttgart after each enrollment or re-registration, so that they can be revalidated at the validation stations (validation = determination of the validity period).

The data mentioned here is not on the card, but in the background systems of the Studierendenwerk. The data required for the autoload process is stored in an external data center and at PayPal.
When and where is chip card data processed?
Studierendenwerk Stuttgart only processes chip card data when users insert the card into a reader or bring it close to one of the contactless reader stations or cash registers. The range of the chip used is only a few centimeters.
The devices always indicate to the users as soon as a step is carried out. This means that all transactions can be perceived by the users.
In the case of autoload recharges at the checkout, users are asked for their consent beforehand by the checkout staff.

How is the data protected?
The user data on the chip required for transcation is encrypted so that unauthorized persons cannot read out any more detailed information. Only the necessary data is on the card anyway.

The data of the background systems are stored in the computer center of the Studierendenwerk. The data required for the autoload procedure is stored in an external data center and at PayPal. The transfer between the cash registers, the validators, the validation stations and the participating data centers is encrypted.

Who has access to the data and to whom is data passed on?
Only specially authorized persons of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart who are involved in the wallet procedure have access to the data stored at Studierendenwerk. When charging with an EC card, the data required for the direct debit is forwarded to the cardholder's bank via the payment clearing office.

When using the autoload procedure, the data required for this is stored in an external data center, and the server is administered by an external IT service provider. Therefore, the employees of the data center and the IT service provider can also access data, for example, for data backup purposes. In addition, the data required for Autoload is transmitted to PayPal.

Beyond this, Studierendenwerk Stuttgart does not pass on any data unless this is required or permitted by law.

How long is the wallet data stored?
The data on the chip card remains stored until the chip is destroyed. The data in the background systems is only stored for as long as it is needed. The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, like all other companies, is subject to statutory accounting requirements and must comply with retention periods. Therefore, the data of the purse procedure must be kept for ten years. After expiration of the legal retention period, the data is deleted completely.

What special rights can cardholders exercise?
Cardholders can check the status of their card balance at any time. The reading stations at the Info-Points serve this purpose. You can also get information about your data in the background systems, as well as about the technology of the chip cards. For this purpose, please contact our employees at the Info-Points, who will record and forward your request.
You also have the option of inspecting the procedure directory and, if necessary, having data corrected, blocked or deleted, objecting to data processing in general, and possibly claiming damages. For these special questions, please contact the management of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart in writing, Rosenbergstraße 18, 70174 Stuttgart.
You can reach the data protection officer of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart at the following e-mail address:

(As of: July 2017)


You can top up your chip card direct at the canteen checkout. The only prerequisites are a PayPal account (existing or newly created) and a one-off registration.

Topping up at the recharging terminal or Info Point

Topping up your card at the recharging terminal

You can top up the chip cards at recharging terminals with an EC-card and partly also with cash.

  • The minimum top-up amount is €10 with an EC card or €5 with cash.
  • If you top up your card with an EC card, a maximum of €30 is possible.
  • Only take the card out of the recharging terminal after the new amount of credit on the card has been displayed (wait for the booking process to be completed).
  • Do you have enough funds in your account? If the amount requested is returned to us by the bank (reason: an insufficient bank balance), we will pass on the fee to you.
  • If your EC card does not work on the recharging terminals, please have your bank activate the ELV ("electronic direct debit") for terminals.

Topping up your card at the Info-Point

  • At the Info Points, you can top up your chip card with cash, too.
  • Topping up your card with cash can only be done in fixed amounts: €5, 10, 15 etc.


Locations Recharging Terminals

  • Automatenlounge DHBW Rotebühlstraße 41 / 1, 70178 Stuttgart 
  • Cafeteria HfT (also with cash) Schellingstraße 24, 70174 Stuttgart
  • Cafeteria KII Keplerstraße 17, 70174 Stuttgart (on the first floor by the vending machines for drinks and snacks).
  • Canteen Kunstakademie Am Weißenhof 1, 70191 Stuttgart
  • Canteen Musikhochschule Urbanstraße 25, 70182 Stuttgart
  • Canteen Mensa Central Ossietzkystraße 3, 70174 Stuttgart
  • Dormitory In der Au In der Au 16, 70327 Stuttgart
  • Uni-Library Holzgartenstraße 16, 70174 Stuttgart
  • Cafeteria Contrast Pfaffenwaldring 9, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Cafeteria Denkpause Pfaffenwaldring 45, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Cafe Urknall Pfaffenwaldring 55, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Canteen Stuttgart-Vaihingen Pfaffenwaldring 45, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Hochschule der Medien Nobelstraße 10, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Uni-Library Pfaffenwaldring 55, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Universum Automatenlounge, Pfaffenwaldring 45, 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Dormitory Fliderbahnplatz Filderbahnplatz 37, 70567 Stuttgart
  • Bleyle-Areal Wilhelm-Bleyle-Straße 12, 71636 Ludwigsburg 
  • Cafeteria Lichtblick Fröbelstraße 32, 71634 Ludwigsburg
  • Canteen Ludwigsburg Reuteallee 46, 71634 Ludwigsburg
  • Pädagogische HochschuleLudwigsburg Reuteallee 46, 71634 Ludwigsburg
  • Grönerstr. 25, 71636 Ludwigsburg
  • Mensa Horb Florianstraße 15, 72160 Horb

At the Hochschule Esslingen a different card system is in use, you can find more information about it at the bottom of the page. Guests, staff or students who do not have an ID card can obtain a guest card for 15 euros at our info points.

  • West-Point Mettingerstraße 127, 73728 Esslingen
  • Mensa Esslingen Flandernstraße Flandernstraße 107, 73732 Esslingen
  • Mensa Esslingen Stadtmitte Kanalstraße 27, 73728 Esslingen
  • Studentendorf Göppingen Hauffstraße 20-27, 73037 Göppingen

Validation and initialisation for students
So that you can use our cashless payment system with the discounted rate for students, the money chip on your student ID card must be validated for the current semester. You will have to re-register at the university in order to do so. Validation is possible, at the earliest, one day after your re-registration. Validation is then done automatically as soon as the card is inserted into the recharging terminal – the changed validity date will confirm this. You don't have to top up the card with credit.  
First-year students or students with a new student ID card must first have their new card scanned in one of the recharging terminals indicated below and have the money chip initialised (activated).

Initialising at the recharging terminal

1.    Insert the card into the recharging terminal
2.    Wait until the card value €0.00 is displayed
Staff card
Staff at the University of Stuttgart can apply for a staff card from the personnel department. You can get the application form at the Info-Points or can download it here:

The card system in Esslingen and Göppingen works differently: Here, you can recharge your chip card with money, extend the validity of the card and have the public transport ticket put on it. The chip card can be topped up with €5, €10, €20 and €50 notes. If a card is lost, the credit does not expire but is automatically transferred to the replacement card.  

Locations of the recharging terminals

  • Esslingen, Kanalstraße 33
    • Self-Service-Station, room S01.142a
    • Recharging terminal, Raum S08.009
  • Esslingen, Flandernstraße 101
    • Self-Service-Station, room F01.007
    • Recharging terminal, room F03.104 (canteen)
  • Göppingen, Robert-Bosch-Straße 1
    • Self-Service-Station, room G04.022 (next to the Cafeteria)


If you have any problems with the recharging terminals, please contact the hotline:

  • Hausdruckerei Esslingen Flandernstraße, Tel: +49 711 397-4688
  • Hausdruckerei Esslingen Kanalstraße, Tel: +49 711 397-3399
  • Outside office hours, Tel: +49 7153 928626

If you have any problems with your chip card, please contact the registrar's office:

  • Studierendensekretariat Esslingen, Kanalstraße 33, room S01.125, Tel: +49 711 397-3050
  • Studierendensekretariat Esslingen, Flandernstraße 101, room F01.073, Tel: +49 711 397-49
  • Studierendensekretariat Göppingen, Robert-Bosch-Straße 1, room G04.105, Tel: +49 7161 6790