Our dormitories offer you a lot more than just a room with a kitchen and bathroom. There are saunas, exercise and common rooms; places to make music; workshops; and a lot more. The administration of these rooms is left to the students themselves. That's why there are numerous tutorials that you can get involved in. As a thank you, you get an additional semester of living in your dormitory! More information and the contact details of the students coordinating the tutorials can be found on the posters that are on display in the individual residence halls – or you can contact your janitor.

How can I become a tutor?


  • Be genuinely interested in the subject matter – for example, you should be a musician yourself if you want to take care of the music room
  • Be conscientious, as you will be responsible for keys, rooms and procedures
  • You should like to interact with other students


  • You can stay an additional semester in your dorm
  • You get a certificate for your voluntary work
  • You can take part in the meetings for tutors of the German National Association for Student Affairs (DSW)
  • You can establish contacts and find like-minded students in your dormitory

How do I start a new tutorial?

You want to establish a new tutorial in your dormitory? Perhaps even the first one? Find out what you need to bear in mind to do so!


  • Suitable rooms must be available in your dormitory
  • At least five tutors are needed (so that there is always a stand-in)
  • The tutorial has to be planned over the long term

First steps

  • Be inspired by other dormitories – which tutorials might be possible (see list below)?
  • Find like-minded students to establish the new tutorial together
  • Ask the janitor for suitable rooms
  • Get tips from other dormitories and tutors (we can establish contact)

Our support

  • Enabling contact to other tutors and helping with problems and coordination
  • We finance the basic equipment (as long as the costs are reasonable, like a screen and a beamer or several board games)
  • We pay a yearly budget of 2.50 Euro per dormitory inhabitant

Existing Tutorials

Below you can see the tutorials that already exist in the dormitories. Some also offer websites with detailed information and contacts. Please note: As the dormitories have varying facilities, not every tutorial is realisable in every dormitory.

  • internationals
  • cash auditor
  • media and homepage
  • parties
  • secretary
  • games
  • sports
  • managing board
  • crafts room


  • garden
  • spices
  • homepage
  • cats
  • materials
  • waste
  • tools
  • washing machine
  • dormitory speaker
  • acting dormitory speaker

Website: http://www.bauhaeusle.de/

  • garden
  • drinks
  • internationals
  • secretary
  • sports
  • managing board
  • dormitory speaker

Website: b91-stuttgart.de

  • coordinator
  • acting coordinator
  • treasurer
  • dormitory speaker
  • media

Website: https://whrmoe.wixsite.com/referat/wohnheim-tutorium 

  • foodsharing
  • internet
  • crafts
  • dormitory speaker
  • BarKadie
  • computers
  • roof café
  • disciplinary
  • fitness
  • drinks
  • internationals
  • cash auditor
  • music room
  • sauna
  • secretary
  • games
  • managing board
  • crafts room
  • dormitory speakers

Website: http://www.max-kade.de/index.php?seite=referate 

  • barbeque
  • homepage 
  • internationals
  • gym
  • sauna 
  • summer festival
  • games 
  • events
  • workshop 
  • dormitory speaker
  • Wunderbar

Website: www.straussi2.de/tutoren

  • urban gardening
  • inventory rental and recreation
  • IT and website
  • running and events
  • managing board
  • dormitory speaker

Website: https://str3.wh-stuttgart.net/de/


If you want a certificate for your voluntary work as a tutor, want to participate in a tutors’ meeting or have a question on your already existing tutorial, you can contact Ms Kübler. In all other cases, please contact your janitor first!

Justine Kübler Assistenz Wohnen
+49 711 4470-1249

Office address

Rosenbergstraße 18
70174 Stuttgart


Allmandring 1: An Introduction To The Common Rooms

Here the tutors of Allmandring I give an insight into the common rooms.

Buddy programme

Would you like to help international students find their feet in Germany and in the residence hall? In cooperation with the University of Stuttgart, we organise the buddy programme called ready.study.stuttgart. With joint leisure activities and events, buddies and international students can get to know each other better and exchange news, views and ideas.

  • Welcoming new international students at the start of the semester
  • Helping them move into the residence hall
  • Helping them with paperwork
  • Being the person the foreign students can ask about the residence hall and their studies
  • Organising leisure activities such as events in the residence halls

As a thank-you, you are rewarded with, among other things, an extra semester in the dormitory, a certificate confirming your voluntary work, and opportunities for further education in the intercultural field.

You are an international student in need of a buddy?
You can find further information about the buddy programme on the page of ready.study.stuttgart