At [koeri]werk you can get the most delicious curry sausages! Developed by our colleagues at Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe, [koeri]werk offers handcrafted, high-quality sausages, sauces, and condiments. 

Choose #DEINEWURST - whether 100% veal bratwurst in a sheep sausage or as a pure vegan bratwurst. After grilling, the sausage is freshly cut by hand and seasoned with the juicy curry sauce. By the way, this is also vegan! This is accompanied by a piece of baguette. If you like, you can treat yourself to a portion of crispy [koeri]frites.

#DEINSTYLE for sure! Are you #mild, #spicy or #fiery? A total of six different curry blends are available for individual seasoning. Depending on your choice, fenugreek, pineapple, cardamom or chili provide the flavor kick. Let the flavors of the individual curries inspire you and find your favorite combination!

Both sausages as well as the curry sauce and the six different curry powders have one thing in common: They are free of flavor enhancers and preservatives!