Studying with a disability

Do you suffer from a chronic illness or a disability? We are committed to making the overall conditions easier for you so that you can enjoy equal opportunities in your studies and to promote inclusion.

By the way: at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, as well as at the universities, the special situation is taken into account, for example, in the structural design of the university buildings, refectories and housing complexes - especially when renovating or constructing new buildings.

There are several places students can go to:

  • We have several residence halls with low-barrier residential facilities. Click on this link to find out more.
  • Our social counselling service will be glad to help you with any questions and problems concerning your studies and how to fund them.
  • Students with restricted mobility who are entitled to free use of the local public transport system can be exempted from the “VVS-StudiTicket” fees included in the semester fees. You can download the application form below. The application must be handed in to the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Wimmer on +49-711-9574-517 or send an e-mail to:
  • You will find more useful information and help at the Information Centre for Study and Disability of the German Student Union (Informationsstelle Studium und Behinderung des Deutschen Studentenwerks)
  • The universities' Officers for students with disabilities represent your concerns and interests at the universities and at the university location.They will help you create suitable learning and working conditions that take into account your individual needs and will provide information on how, in individual cases, technical and personnel assistance can be obtained.

Officer for students with disabilities

You have a limitation yourself and need reliable support? If you have any questions or problems concerning your studies, please contact the universities' Officers for students with disabilities:

Prof. Dr. Sandra Fietkau

Telephone: +49 7141 9745-250




Juliane Voigtländer

Telephone: +49 7141 969-82108


Beate Pfennigwerth

Telephone: +49 7141 969-82110

Prof. Dr. Mathias Hinkelmann

Telephone: +49 711 8923-2165

Prof. Dr. Nina Kölsch-Bunzen

Telephone: +49 711 397-4597



Telephone: +49 711 5208-9860

Anita P. Schmidt

Telephone: +49 711 92543-24


Martina Teschner

Telefon: +49 7141 140-1729

Herr Prof. Mini Schulz

Telefon: +49 172 7117311

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Eggert
Representative for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

Telephone: +49 711 685 68330

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