Autoload with Paypal

You can top up your chip card direct at the canteen checkout. The only prerequisites are a PayPal account (existing or newly created) and a one-off registration.

Unfortunately, it is technically not possible to load the chip cards directly via PayPal, nor via our Autoload portal on our website. This is how you can currently load credit onto your card to run the washing machine in your dormitory.

Attention: In the past, error messages occasionally occurred when logging in to Autoload. The technical problem behind this error message has now been fixed, logins are possible again without any problems.

Autoload Registration

To set up Autoload with PayPal, please scroll down to the "PayPal Settlement" tab after logging in to the "Autoload Setup" page.


The number of your chip card and the pin you need to log in are available at our Info Points.  

How does Autoload with PayPal work?

Privacy Statement

You can find the privacy notice on the chip card and Autoload here (in German)

You can find the common privacy statement under this Link (in German)