Online Application

You can apply for accommodation in a dormitory here. Just fill out the form below. After you have sent it off, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Only after you have clicked this link you will be placed on the waiting list. To keep the waiting list up-to-date, you will receive, every two to four weeks, an e-mail from us with another confirmation link – so that we know that you are still interested.

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we cannot offer accommodation to everyone immediately.  We recommend, therefore, that you apply as early as possible – even if your enrolment certificate has not yet come through. You will have to submit this certificate to the caretaker no later than on the day of your arrival.  

The rooms will be allocated six to eight weeks before the moving-in date.

How can I increase my chances of getting a place in a dormitory?

  1. Apply early – preferably at least six months in advance. A certificate of enrollment does not yet have to be available for this.
  2. Apply to dormitories with lots of rooms. Rooms are less likely to become available in small dormitories.  
  3. Dormitories such as the Bauhäusle, the Max-Kade-Heim or Birkenwaldstrasse have a selection procedure and are very popular, which is why their waiting lists are always especially long.
  4. Indicate several specific dormitories in the application, and be flexible in your selection. You can also specify a location in the notes.
  5. Please always confirm the link that is sent to you at regular intervals, so that we know you are still interested in getting accommodation from us. Due to data protection regulations, we are obliged to delete the application completely if the link is not confirmed.


You find our data policy in the following Link (in German)

You find our data policy in the following Link (in German)


If you would like to make changes to your application or if you have any further questions, please contact Elvira Dogan, by calling +49 711 4470-1075 or sending an e-mail to

Note for external Students and Interns

Students and interns who are not matriculated at an affiliated university do not pay the semester fee to Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. Thus, your application has a lower priority, as we are primarily obligated to provide students with rooms who are registered at an affiliated university. If we can offer you a room, you  also have to pay a monthly surcharge of 30 euros in addition to the regular monthly rent from 01.09.2018 onwards.

Note for Trainees

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take up trainees in our dormitories. This also applies for trainees who work at one of the universities we cater for. 

Program students

As an exchange student of one of our affiliated universities, please always contact your program coordinator of your university first. Please ask whether a room has been reserved for you. Only after this you can apply with us for a room. Please choose your program in the program box. If your program is not listed there, it means that your program has no quota for rooms. In this case, please leave the field empty. Your application then counts as a regular application and you will be put on the waiting list.