Vending Machines

Do you have to study long into the evening, but the canteen and cafeteria are already closed? Don't worry – we've installed snack and drinks machines in many places. You can get small snacks, sweets, coffee, and drinks if you are feeling a little peckish or very thirsty.  
You can find an overview of the machines here:

  • DHBW Theodor-Heuss-Straße: Drinks
  • DHBW Rotebühlplatz: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks, heat up meals
  • Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart: Drinks, Coffee, Ice cream
  • Canteen Stuttgart-Centre: Ice cream
  • Seidenstraße 36 IF SW: Drinks, Snacks
  • Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks
  • University Library Stuttgart: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks
  • Universität Stuttgart, K1: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks, Ice cream
  • Universität Stuttgart,K2: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks

Please note: At our vending-machines in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, payment is only possible with the student or employee ID card.

  • Cafeteria Contrast: Coffee, Ice cream
  • Cafeteria Denkpause: Coffee
  • Learning Room Universum: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks, Menüs zum Erwärmen
  • Canteen Stuttgart-Vaihingen: Drinks
  • Pfaffenwaldring 55: Drinks, Coffee, Ice cream
  • Bleyle-Quartier: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks
  • Cafeteria Hochschule Verwaltung und Finanzen: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks
  • Lit Cafe Ludwigsburg: Drinks
  • Canteen Ludwigsburg: Drinks
  • Canteen Esslingen Stadtmitte: Coffee, Snacks
  • Hochschule Esslingen Campus Göppingen: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks, Ice cream
  • Mensa Horb: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks
  • DHBW Horb, Außenstelle Hohenberg: Drinks, Coffee, Snacks

Deposit Automats

In the following canteens you can find automats for the deposit of returnable bottles:

  • Mensa Stuttgart-Mitte
  • Mensa Musikhochschule
  • Mensa Stuttgart-Vaihingen (dining hall upstairs and Restaurant)
  • Mensa Ludwigsburg
  • Mensa Esslingen Stadtmitte
  • Cafeteria Göppingen

If there are problems with the vending machines, you can contact 


The machines are linked to the opening hours of the buildings and are available during this period.