Our Daycare Centres

Studying with a child? At our place, kids can explore the world! Our daycare centers are open nine hours a day and provide spaces for playing, moving, resting, eating, and napping, along with their own garden.

To ensure the best possible development for your child, we have two age groups: One for children from ten months to three years old, and the other for older kids from three years old until they start school. (In Ludwigsburg, there's a mixed-age group.)

All our daycare centers follow Baden-Württemberg's orientation plan, which focuses on early, individual, and talent-oriented development. Each center also has its own educational priorities.

The cost for daycare depends on your child's age and is discounted for students. Siblings also get a discount. We prioritize giving childcare spots to children of students, especially those with siblings already attending our childcare centers and children raised by single parents.


The fee for daycare centers also depends on the age of your child and is reduced for students. August is free of charge everywhere. You can find the fees on the detailed pages of the daycare centers.

Time for settling in

The transition from home to daycare is a big step for all children. Therefore, we consciously involve parents in the familiarization process. Please allow about four to six weeks for this.

Which daycare center?

You can find detailed information about the individual daycare centers on this website below. For a pre-registration, please fill out the form and send it to kinderbetreuung@sw-stuttgart.de . If there is currently no place available, you will be put on the waiting list. If you like, you can visit the daycare center of your choice in advance. Make an appointment with the head of the chosen daycare centre.


Pre-registration of the daycare centre

Here you can download a writable PDF for pre-registration (in German):