Our Daycare Centres

We give children the chance to discover the world! Our attractive facilities provide various different areas – for free play, exercise, rest, meals and sleep. All our daycare centres work according to the orientation plan for Baden-Württemberg which forms the basis for the early encouragement and support of children’s development, individually tailored according to their level of aptitude and ability. In addition to this, each institution has its own particular educational focus. 

So that your child can develop in the best possible way in accordance with his or her age, the children are divided into two age groups. In the babies’ and toddlers’ groups, children from six months up to three years of age play and learn together. The groups for the older children take children from three years of age up until they start school. In Ludwigsburg, there is a mixed-age group, with children from one year of age up until school starting age.

Children of students have priority in terms of gaining places in the daycare centres. Children who already have a sibling attending the facility in question will be given priority, as will the children of single parents. To ensure that you have enough time to concentrate on your studies, the daycare centres are open for nine hours a day. 

Daycare during the Corona pandemie

Our daycare centers have reopened under pandemic conditions. However, the opening requires a high sensitivity in dealing with each other as well as with infection control in our daycare centers. Our top priority is the health of your child as well as the health of our pedagogical staff. Accordingly, the hygiene concept of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is being developed and optimized.

Video portal KITA-Online

With the password-protected video portal KITA-Online, your child can keep in touch with its educators outside of the daycare centre. Here, the pedagogical staff of the different day care centers provide videos for you and your child. You can watch the videos free of charge and for private use - feel free to visit it often!

How to access the video portal: Select your respective daycare center below. In the box Special features you will find the link to the video portal of your day care centre. Now enter the user name and password you received from us by e-mail. Confirm the data protection information. 


Pre-registration of the daycare centre

Here you can download a writable PDF for pre-registration (in German):

Visit us in advance

You are welcome to visit our daycare centres to have a look before making a booking. Simply make an appointment directly with the head of the chosen daycare centre. If you then feel that your child would be happy there, clarify details of the starting date and register your child directly with the centre in question. If there isn't a place free at present, you will be put on the waiting list. 

Time for settling in

The transition from the parental home to the day care centre is a big step for all children. To ensure a smooth transition to the day care centre, we involve the parents in the settling-in process. It is important that you allow sufficient time for this, usually four to six weeks.

Parents' Fees

There are different levels of fees for the two age groups. Students pay a lower fee. Siblings of children already attending are charged at a reduced rate. There are no fees in any of the centres in August. You can find details of the fees in each case on the details pages of the daycare centres of this website.