Tenant portal

So as to make the formalities for living in our dormitories as simple and easy as possible, we have set up this tenant portal for you. You can submit your notices of termination, renewals, damage reports, or other data direct to your administrator or caretaker here.

To enter the tenant portal, please confirm the following terms and conditions.


Unfortunately, the tenant portal cannot be used by sub-tenants, interim tenants or guest lecturers. Please get in direct touch with the official in charge or the caretaker by e-mail.

Conditions for the use of the tenant portal of the Studierendenwerks Stuttgart

1.1. Via the portal to be found under "tenant portal" on the website www.studierendenwerk-stuttgart/wohnen.de, tenants of the Studierendenwerk can amend their personal data, submit applications for extensions or for termination of their tenancy agreements, report any damages or upload their certificates of study, as well as receiving and reading replies from the Studierendenwerk.

1.2. There is no charge for use of the portal.

1.3. On account of the technical set-up of the portal, in particular the fact that the portal can only be accessed via the internet, it may be that there are interruptions in availability of the portal, or periods when the portal cannot be accessed, for example, through disruptions in the public communications network or on account of power failures. The Studierendenwerk cannot be held responsible for the permanent accessibility of the portal. Furthermore, the portal will be either completely or partially inaccessible when maintenance work needs to be carried out (for example, when new software is being installed); the Studierendenwerk will, however, make efforts to ensure that such maintenance work is carried out at the weekends.

1.4. The Studierendenwerk reserves the right to make amendments at any time, in particular extensions to the functions of the portal, provided that the essential functions are retained.

2.1. Login is secured through the entering of an email address and a password. Login details are sent out to the tenants via post or email.

2.2 User names and passwords which the tenant receives for the portal are to be stored in a safe and secure place at all times and are not to be made available to any third parties. The tenant is to inform the Studierendenwerk without delay if a third party may have gained unauthorised knowledge of passwords or user names. The Studierendenwerk will not pass on passwords to third parties and will never request a password from a tenant in any other context than the login page.

3.1.  The tenant is obliged always to enter up-to-date, correct and complete information in the portal. The tenant is to make any necessary amendments, in particular updates, as soon as possible.

3.2. The tenant is explicitly prohibited from placing

  • any illegal or unethical information in the portal,
  • or from entering information which contains a virus, a Trojan or similar malware,
  • or from carrying out any technical manipulation which could influence the accessibility of the portal,
  • or from putting any content on the portal which could violate the rights of others,
  • or from publishing content (including URLs to external websites) which have no contextual connection to the portal.


4.1. In the case of a violation on the part of the tenant of his/her contractual obligations, in particular the obligations detailed in no. 3 above, the Studierendenwerk may block access to the portal, either completely or partially, temporarily or long term. In the selection of measures to be taken, the Studierendenwerk will take into account the interests of the tenant, in particular the type and scope of the violation of obligations and any potential fault of the tenant.

4.2 The Studierendenwerk will inform the tenant of the measures taken and will give him/her the opportunity to make a statement.

Should any provision be invalid or unworkable, or become invalid or unworkable in the future, then the remaining provisions of these conditions remain unaffected.

(Version: 06/2015)