Financing your studies

How can I finance my studies? This is the first question students ask themselves when they receive a place at university. That's why we at the Studierendenwerk are here for you. We will show you a variety of ways you can finance your life while you're studying and get started without worrying about money.

Under certain circumstances, foreign students can receive BAföG payments. Students who came to Germany solely to study (for example with a student visa) are not eligible. Asylum seekers and asylum applicants are also not eligible.

Foreign students can receive BAföG if they …

  • are citizens of the European Union and have a right to permanent residence in line with the EU’s Freedom of Movement Law or are foreign students with a permanent residence permit
  • or one parent are or were employed in Germany and have a corresponding residence permit
  • are recognized refugees

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Amt für Ausbildungsförderung (Office for Educational Funding).

Concerning other means of student funding, we can clarify important questions you may have with regard to working as a student. Scholarships are available – and not just for gifted students. If you have financial difficulties during your studies, we can offer you an interest-free loan. There are also other student loans.


If you have further questions on how to finance your studies (excluding BAföG and the Studierendenwerk loan), please contact our social counselling service.


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