BAföG Reform

The 27th BAföG Amendment Act has been in force since August 2022. Here you can find an overview of the most important changes.


The new regulations apply with the new approval period. Most students will therefore benefit from the improvements from the winter semester 2022/23 onwards. We recommend submitting initial applications and applications for continued funding as early as possible. For approval periods that are already running, the adjustment will take place in October 2022.


Maximum rate

The basic need - i.e. the average need for money for living and education costs - increases by 5.75 per cent to 452 euros per month. For students who do not live with their parents, the rent supplement increases by 11 percent to 360 euros.  The maximum monthly allowance increases to a maximum of 812 euros for students under 25 years of age, depending on their housing situation or health and long-term care insurance. For 25-30 year olds to a maximum of 934 euros and for over 30 year olds up to 1,018 euros. 

Flat rate for students 

Basic needs

Flat rate

  • with the parents
  • own apartment/ flat share

Surcharge KV and PV*

  •  U30 years
  •  Over 30 years

Maximum rate

Since 2020 

427,00 €   


56,00 € 

325,00 €   


109,00 € 

max.189,00 €  

861,00 €

WS 2022/23  

452,00 €   


59,00 € 

360,00 €   


122,00 € 

max. 206,00 €  

1.018,00 €

* This supplement is only granted if you insure yourself (usually only from the age of 25).


Asset allowance

The asset allowance for students will be increased significantly depending on age. From the previous 8,200 euros to 15,000 euros up to the 30th birthday and to 45,000 euros from the 30th birthday. Assets include, for example, a car, savings book, call money account, cryptocurrency or securities. 

Tax-free amount

for applicants up to 30 years of age

for applicants aged 30 and over

for each child and (spouse) partner*in

since 2020

8,200 €

8,200 €

2,300 €

WS 2022/23

15,000 €

45,000 €

2,300 € (unchanged)


Income tax allowances

With the 27th BAföG amendment, the allowances on parental income increase by 20.75 percent to 2,415 euros per month. However, the number and amount of the parental allowances always depends on the family constellation. 

The tax-free amount on one's own income is also increasing - even with a 520-euro mini-job, students can receive BAföG. This means that 6,240 euros per year are exempt. 

Tax allowances on income of parents/spouse

Parents (married)

Parent / Spouse

for newly married spouses of a natural parent*

for children*

WS 21/22


2,000 €

1,330 €

665 €


605 €

WS 22/23


2,415 €

1,605 €

805 €


736 €

* own income of the respective person reduces the tax-free allowance or there is no tax-free allowance for higher income


Childcare supplement

The childcare supplement increases from 150 euros to 160 euros per month. It is granted for own children up to 14 years of age. 


raising of the age limit

The age limit is raised to 45 years. Until now, students who were older than 30 when they started their Bachelor's degree (Master's degree older than 35) were not entitled to BAföG.


omission of the written form requirement

The so-called "written form requirement" no longer applies. The application can thus be submitted online without media discontinuity via the nationwide standardised assistant "BAföG Digital".

Until now, students had to activate the e-ID function of their ID card to submit a valid application or print out the application, sign it and upload it again or send it to the BAföG office by post. In future, it will be sufficient to set up a user account at The application can then be filled out online and sent directly.

Other advantages: the digital assistant provides support and guides you through the application step by step with simple questions. It is checked directly for completeness and plausibility. The processing process can be interrupted and continued later. Evidence can also be uploaded directly. Data can be transferred for subsequent applications and the processing status can be viewed online.

Further information


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