Declaration on accessibility

The Studierendenwerk Stuttgart endeavours to make its websites and mobile applications accessible without barriers in accordance with § 10 paragraph 1 of the State Equal Opportunities for Disabled Persons Act (L-BGG).

This declaration on accessibility applies to the version of the website, the microsites,,,, and our app (Android and IOS Studierendenwerk Stuttgart) currently accessible on the internet.

1. status of compatibility with the requirements

This website, microsites and the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart app are partially compatible with § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG due to the following incompatibilities and exceptions.

2. contents that are not accessible

The content listed below is not accessible for the following reasons:

a) Incompatibility with § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG

  • This website is not completely accessible in simple language, because for our target group, understanding demanding and/or scientific texts is a prerequisite for studying. We have created a page in easy language that explains what the tasks of a student union are.

b) Disproportionate burden:

As a student union, we have a very extensive and diverse web presence, which is why errors cannot be completely avoided.

This website and microsites are currently only accessible with a screen reader to a limited extent.

  • It is currently not possible to adjust the font size. Alternatively, the page can be zoomed via the browser.
  • Not all documents or PDF files are available in an accessible version.
  • Integrated videos are currently available without subtitles or text alternatives.
  • Forms that come from an external partner are currently not yet provided completely barrier-free. Our own forms, such as the contact form, are accessible barrier-free.Content and background are not fully distinguishable, but our website can be switched to black and white.
  • Maps used for directions are not supplemented in text form.
  • The ads in our app are not accessible. They cannot be controlled via keyboard and read aloud by the screen reader. They cannot be paused individually and do not stop after 5 seconds. Since the ad banners are sent to us by external advertisers, we have no influence on the contrast.
  • Our app cannot be used in landscape format without errors.

We are endeavouring to improve this immediately.


3. creation of this accessibility statement

This statement was produced on 21 September 2020 and took the form of a self-assessment carried out by the public body.

The statement was last reviewed on 14 December 2023.


Since the first creation of the declaration on 21 September 2020, we have implemented the following points with regard to accessibility by 14. December 2023:

  • Our own forms can be used barrier-free. For externally maintained forms, we are still working on barrier-free implementation.
  • Our website now includes a page in easy language. It explains in German what the tasks of a student union are.
  • We have included a glossary in sign language on our website. There, important terms related to studying are explained in sign language and written language.
  • Our website can now be displayed in high contrast with the contrast button.
  • We have added alternative texts for control elements, images and graphics.
  • The focus order is now consistent
  • Our sliders no longer scroll automatically. Visitors can use them themselves if they want to.
  • Our menu can be operated with the keyboard.

4. Feedback and contact details

Have you noticed any deficiencies in the barrier-free access to Studierendenwerk Stuttgart content? Then you are welcome to contact us. Please use the e-mail address for this purpose.
You can reach us by phone at +49 711 4470-1054 or +49 711 4470-1247.

5. Enforcement procedure

In order to ensure that this website and mobile application meet the requirements described in § 10 paragraph 1 L-BGG, you can contact the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart and provide appropriate feedback. You can find the relevant contact details under section 4 of this statement. If the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart does not respond to your enquiry within the period stipulated in § 8 sentence 1 L-BGG-DVO, you can contact the state government's representative for the interests of people with disabilities or the municipal representative for the interests of people with disabilities within the framework of the ombudsman function described in § 14 paragraph 2 sentence 2 L-BGG and § 15 paragraph 3 sentence 2 L-BGG.

You can contact the State Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities as follows:

State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities
Stephanie Aeffner
Else-Josenhans-Strasse 6
70173 Stuttgart
Tel.: 0711 279-3358

You can find out the contact details of the municipal representative for the interests of people with disabilities responsible for you on the website of the city or district in which you have your permanent residence.

Please note that you have the right to take legal action in accordance with section 12(1) sentence 1 number 4 of the L-BGG.