Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has a different card system with its own upgraders that are maintained directly through the university.  If you are studying at the Esslingen Flandernstraße location and your student ID is currently defective or lost or it has not yet been issued, we still offer you an emergency solution for a transitional period.  

Between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. you can contact our colleagues at the cash desks in the Mensa Flandernstraße and purchase a student canteen card - for a deposit of 10 euros. The card is valid for four weeks and can be topped up directly at the cash desk. Attention: Because the reloaders of the Hochschule Esslingen in the Mensa building do not work for our Studierendenwerk cards.

However, if there are any problems with the card, you should contact our Infopoint in the Weststadt in Esslingen. Unfortunately, these cannot be resolved via the cash registers.