Please clarify first with the Amt für Ausbildungsförderung (Office for Educational Funding) if you get BAföG as a foreign student. If yes you can fill in your BAföG application online. The online completion option helps to avoid mistakes by using a plausibility check and provides assistance. We can therefore process your application more quickly. 

Please print out the filled-in application, sign and send it with the required documents by post or fax or hand it in personally. You additionally have the option of sending the forms as an electronic application by De-Mail.

Info on DE-Mail


You can deliver the online application electronically via De-Mail. This is possible exclusively online as a PDF without a signature. Only Form 3 must be signed by your parents. The required documents can be attached as scans to the De-Mail.

The prerequisite for this procedure is that you have your own De-Mail account and send the application to us with the authentication level set to “high” (confirmed by sender). 
Please note that the De-Mail-address is not a normal mail address, you need a special De-Mail-account.

Please send the application to: 


  • De-Mail enables secure, verifiable and confidential electronic communication and is as easy to use as e-mail. 
  • The identity of the communication partner as well as the sending and receiving of the De-Mail can be verified without doubt at any time. 
  • The content of De-Mail in addition cannot be read by third-parties or changed on the Internet. This serves to secure your data.

You can find further info here (in German).