Emergency fund for students in financial need

Our social counselling service also sees students who are in serious financial distress. Dropping out of their studies usually seems to be the only way out for them. Through social counselling, we can often help them find basic financing in the long term, but we cannot provide direct financial assistance, as our funds are earmarked for a specific purpose.

We have set up a donation-based emergency fund that catches students in an acute financial emergency like a rescue parachute and ensures a soft landing. Counselling and support thus come from a single source. With the support of donors, we can ensure that students do not have to abandon their studies for financial reasons. 

Are you a student who is in a financial emergency yourself? Then contact us by email: sozialberatung@sw-stuttgart.de or by phone: + 49 711 4470-1057 or +49 711 4470-1059.

The Emergency Fund - our scholarship for students in need at a glance

  • Quick help in acute financial emergencies
  • Support, for example, in the form of vouchers for food and merchandise shops
  • Extensive advice on financing your studies

Download information on the emergency fund (in German)

Frequently asked questions

Who can claim the emergency fund?

The emergency fund can be claimed by students who are enrolled at one of the 15 universities that are supervised by the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. Students can (usually) only draw on the emergency fund once in the respective stage of their Bachelor's or Master's degree and must prove that their study progress shows a prospect of graduation.

How is the neediness checked?

The neediness of students who wish to draw on the emergency fund is checked on the basis of evidence. This evidence can be, for example, bank statements and salary slips.

How are the funds paid out?

The money from the emergency fund is paid out in individual cases depending on the need. The donation can be made in the form of vouchers, for example.

In what amount are funds paid out?

The amount depends on the student's individual situation. Our social counselling service checks for need and determines the amount of support.

How long can students draw on the emergency fund?

The emergency fund is not a means of essential study financing; it is intended to help bridge an emergency situation. The emergency fund can (usually) be used once during a period of study.

Are there any obligations associated with drawing on the emergency fund?

When students take advantage of the emergency fund, they commit to receive an extensive study finance counselling. In this way, we help them to find basic student financing for their studies and thus create a carefree everyday study life in the long term. Benefits from the emergency fund do not have to be repaid.

Quotes from donors and supported students

"When I read the news, I was speechless! Many, many thanks to you and the team behind the Emergency Fund for this unexpected contribution and the trust with which you support me. It feels like a miracle!"

- supported student

"It is important to us to promote the future viability of young people and to support young academics. We have therefore decided to support the Studierendenwerk's emergency fund. A financial emergency situation must not be a reason for dropping out of studies."

- Prof. Philip Kurz, Managing Director of the Wüstenrot Foundation

„Oh wow, many many thanks! - also for the quick processing. Gratitude and (giving back) is definitely on my radar. I so hope that I can successfully complete my studies healthy and in peace and walk my further path more light heartedly.“ 

- Student supported several times

„I am very relieved, the last few weeks have been very draining, as I saw my studies in great danger. Thank you very much, thank you for your confidence! I want to finish my studies as soon as possible and get back on my feet financially.“

- multiple supported student, single parent

„This helps me a lot. In the current situation I am grateful for any financial support.“

- supported student

„It was important to me to provide support where help for students is possible quickly and unbureaucratically.“ 

- Donor from Stuttgart