Usage concept social media

1. Purpose and necessity of use

We, Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, offer support to around 58,000 students from 15 universities in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen and Göppingen as well as Horb by means of advice, food, places to live, money and childcare.

We use social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to promote our counseling and service offerings to students. This helps us meet our legal mandate to support students in their studies. Students at the colleges and universities we serve mainly obtain information through social media, so we reach most students through these channels. Important information can thus be made known quickly and promptly.

In addition, we interact with students via social media, answer their questions and are often the first point of contact there when problems arise. Social media is also a feedback tool for us, as we get feedback from students on our offerings here and can thus constantly improve them for them. International students in particular, whom we would otherwise have difficulty or difficulty reaching, often contact us via social media and ask us important questions before they come to Germany.

Without social media, we would not reach a large proportion of students - including international students and future students - and the flow of information within our services would be severely restricted.

We see working with social media as an important and complementary communication tool alongside our website, print media, trade fairs, etc., which also connects us with students.


2. Type of use

Via our social media channels, we inform users free of charge about the services offered by Studierendenwerk Stuttgart and provide tips on everything to do with studying and studying. Students thus receive quick and timely information about, among other things, events, counseling services, inexpensive food options, and more. We also interact with them and answer important questions about studying.


3. Data protection

The privacy policy of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart can be found on the Facebook page under the item "Info" in the data policies and on Instagram and Twitter directly in the profile of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.

To the data privacy statement of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart


4. Editorial support

Our social media channels are managed by the marketing department of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.
To the imprint


5. Alternative information options

In addition to our social media channels, students can also find out more about our services on our website, our app, print media such as flyers, press releases and at information events.
Information by phone: +49 711 4470-1247 or by mail:

6. Raising awareness of the issue of data privacy

We post semiannual posts on our social media channels to raise awareness of the issue of data privacy.