At the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, you are the focus of our attention! We offer various services to make life easier for you as a student. Because our task is giving support and help to around 58,000 students at 15 universities in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen, Göppingen and Horb. Whether you're looking for accommodation, food and drink, childcare, funding for your studies, or counselling and help in difficult situations – the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is there for you!



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Looking for a room?

You can find an overview of our residence halls here!

You can apply online for a place to live here!

You can look for accommodation with private landlords in our database!

If you're looking for hotel or a boarding house, we also offer temporary accommodation!

Are you studying in Stuttgart or Stuttgart-Vaihingen for a limited period only? Then you might find a room you can sublet with tenants of our dormitories.

Already a tenant?

Manage your documents and contact us.

Offer your services as a tutor in your residence hall or, as a foreign student, find a buddy!

Do you have a place to live with us and want to sublet it because you're not in town for a while?