Studierendenwerk loan

If you get into financial difficulties during your studies, you can apply to us for an interest-free loan. We can help you get through this financial emergency quickly and easily.

In principle, all the students at our 15 universities are eligible for an interest-free loan.


A few rules have to be observed, however:

  • The loans are intended solely for study-related expenses
  • The maximum amount of a loan is EUR 1,500; repayment is specified in a contract
  • To cover administrative costs, the Studierendenwerk charges a fee of 2.5% of the loan sum, payable upon disbursement
  • Upon completion of one's studies or a change in one's place of study, the borrower must immediately start repaying the loan
  • Students who live in our residence halls and are two months in arrears with their rent are not entitled to a loan
  • A guarantor must be specified for each loan. The guarantor must be prepared to accept the commitments undertaken with the contract by means of a directly enforceable guarantee. We also need proof of an indefinite and non-terminated employment relationship, a statement of earnings, and a bank reference
  • Foreign nationals must produce a residence permit

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