Here you can see the all the meals on offer in the canteen today and in the coming weeks. You can select your local canteen. The dishes can be filtered according to allergens and ingredients.

Every day, there are at least four main dishes to choose from. There's always one main course that is organic and one which is vegetarian. Vegan food as well as fish is also on the menu at least twice a week. In addition, we offer so-called "fitness meals": the meal consists mainly of vegetables; there are some vegetarian dishes, but also fish and predominantly lean meats. All the dishes are identified by icons. 

You want more? Of course we also offer starters like soups, various side dishes like potatoes, rice, vegetables and salads and last but not least desserts!

You can also download the menus as a PDF. And you can also find the entire range of what our canteens offer in our Studierendenwerk app.

The student prices are valid solely for students who are enrolled at one of the universities we cater for. The reason behind this is that we get your semester fees only from these 14 universities. The subsidies of the state of Baden-Württemberg are also bound to this requirement.