Kita Hochschulzwerge

Auf der Karlshoehe 2, Building C, 71638 Ludwigsburg

Garden of the Kita Hochschulzwerge with apple tree
Group room with table, play corner and pillows of the Kita Hochschulezwerge
Bedroom with educator in the Kita Hochschulzwerge. Also visible is a children's tent, beanbag and a small playhouse


Please call the director to setup a time to visit the desired location.

+49 7141 9745-227

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Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm


10 places for children up to 3 years

Care Costs

  • Students pay € 238,00 per month and € 196,00 for siblings
  • Non-students pay € 357,00 and € 294,00  for siblings
  • August is free of charge

Food Costs

€ 62,00


  • Projects: action days, forest days
  • current concept of the day care center (german)

Public Transport

  • 427


  • Salonwald Ludwigsburg
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Laura Ihle
Leader Daycare
+49 7141 9745-227
+49 7141 9745-427