Data Protection of the App "SW Stuttgart"

of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart AöR

This privacy policy explains how the Studierendenwerk handles personal data of app users. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, you should not install or use the app.

Provider of the app:

Studierendenwerk Stuttgart AöR
Rosenbergstraße 18
70174 Stuttgart

Collection of personal data:
This app is designed to collect as little personal data as possible. Therefore, only data that is required for the technical functionality of the app is collected; if further data is required for individual functions, this will be presented transparently before collection.

Data collection when installing the app:
The Studierendenwerk does not collect any data when installing the app; registration with the Studierendenwerk is not required. It is possible that the app store operators collect data during installation; the Studierendenwerk has no influence on this; we therefore ask you to observe the data protection information of the app store used.

Data collection when using the app:
No personal data is required to use the internal functions of the app.
However, external functions and content can be used via internet links. In this case, the data required to establish the connection (e.g. the user's IP address) is passed on to the service that provides the external content.

Insofar as links are provided to Studierendenwerk web pages, the provisions of the data protection declaration there apply: as little data as possible is always collected, processed and used.

In the case of links to the pages of other providers, the respective provisions of these providers apply, over which we have no influence. Please be aware that providers such as Facebook, Google and Apple regularly store and evaluate user data.

Data collection via email:
To improve the app, users can send notes to the Studierendenwerk via email.

We look forward to your feedback, but would like to point out that e-mails are largely transported unencrypted on the internet and can therefore be viewed by a larger group of people. For this reason, we ask users to send us as little data as possible about themselves via email, and no sensitive data of any kind.


Permissions enabled for the app:
A set of permissions is required on the user's mobile device for the app to operate properly:

  • Read SD card content, Change SD card content or Delete SD card content:
    By accessing the SD card contents, there is the option to swap out downloaded images without using the smartphone's internal storage space.
  • View network status, full internet access, view WLAN status:
    This authorisation is required to communicate with the interfaces of our servers and to open links to the Studierendenwerk website via in-app browser.
  • Access from USB memory
  • Access to the Internet
  • Set alarm: This allows the app to create an alarm for washing machines that have become free
  • Disable sleep mode: To allow new content, such as the current washing machine status, to be displayed
  •  Read Google service configuration: This allows the user to create a backup of the app in their personal Google account


For information about this app and for data protection questions, you can contact

Status of the data protection declaration: 15.09.2017