Select your dormitory!

Where and how would you like to live? If you're studying at one of the 15 universities in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Esslingen or Göppingen, then you can apply for a place to live with us. Students who are not enrolled at one of our universities, as well as interns, can only be considered secondarily in the allocation of dorm places. 

The rent includes all costs, like heating, water, electricity, garbage disposal and janitor services. External students and interns pay an additional 30 euros per month, as they do not have to pay us a semester fee. The maximum rental length is 36 months (six semesters).

So that you can find the right option for you among the many places in our residence halls, you can filter your search by university, type of accommodation, or rent. The map shows you the exact location and the surrounding area of the dormitories. Consult the table to quickly compare key facts. You can also narrow down your choices by marking your favourites, because when you apply online later, you can specify up to three residence halls.

Green electricity

Since October 2015, the electricity in most of our dormitories is provided by Lichtblick. Lichtblick offers 100% green electricity from German hydropower. Lichtblick also supplies our administration building, some daycare centres and the Mensa Stuttgart-Mitte and Esslingen Flandernstraße. Our remaining facilities are tied to the connection of the respective university, where we unfortunately cannot influence the electricity supplier.