Tickets for public transport

We have compiled the various ticket-options for you:


DeutschlandTicket JugendBW
A discounted DeutschlandTicket for young people was introduced in Baden-Württemberg on December 1, 2023 - students up to and including the age of 26 can purchase it. This replaced the JugendTicketBW. With the DeutschlandTicket JugendBW, you can use local public transport throughout Germany around the clock for one euro per day. You receive the ticket as an annual subscription with a monthly rate of 30.42 euros. 

Further information can be found on the VVS website.


On May 2023the DeutschlandTicket was introduced nationwide, with no age limit. For 49 euros a month, you can use all means of local transport throughout Germany. The ticket is offered as an annual subscription, but can be canceled monthly.


DeutschlandTicket 27 Stuttgart
In the summer semester 2024, the DeutschlandTicket 27 Stuttgart will be available for students over the age of 27 who are resident in Stuttgart. It is valid for public transport throughout Germany and is made possible by a subsidy from the state capital Stuttgart. You receive it as a subscription at the price of the DeutschlandTicket JugendBW - i.e. for 30.42 euros per month

We do not know whether the ticket will be offered beyond the summer semester. More information can be found on the SSB website.


DeutschlandTicket Studi (currently not introduced at any of the 15 universities we support)
At the end of November 2023, the federal and state governments agreed to introduce a discounted Deutschlandticket for students - with no age limit. It will be available from the 2024 summer semester at a uniform nationwide price of 60 percent of the regular DeutschlandTicket. As things stand at present, this would be 29.40 euros per month or 176.40 euros per semester. 

However, a prerequisite for this ticket is that the constituted student body of a university concludes a corresponding contract for a full solidarity model. In this case, all students at the relevant university must purchase the ticket for each semester - it is not freely selectable and cannot be terminated on a monthly basis. 

We are currently aware that the following constituted student bodies have decided against the introduction of the ticket in the full solidarity model: stuvus Uni Stuttgart, PH Ludwigsburg. In addition, the following university has decided against the introduction: HVF Ludwigsburg.

The introduction at the Hochschule der Medien is being planned - you can find more information on the VS website

If you have any questions about the DeutschlandTicket Studi, please contact the student representatives at your university or your university. 

AusbildungsTicket 27/ U27
If you prefer to use a flexible monthly ticket, you can purchase the AusbildungsTicket 27/ U27. With this ticket, you can use local transport in the VVS area around the clock. Students up to and including the age of 26 pay 50.60 euros per month. Students aged 27 and over pay 60.20 euros per month or 50.17 euros for an annual subscription. 

More information about the AusbildungsTicket at VVS.