New ticket offers for public transport

This year, there are some new ticket offers for public transport that students can benefit from. We have compiled the different options for you - it's up to you to decide which offer best suits your life situation:

JugendTicketBW: The VVS is introducing the JugendTicketBW from 1 March - students up to andincluding 26 years of age can purchase this ticket. With it, you can use the entire local public transport system in Baden-Württemberg around the clock. The JugendTicketBW is normally available as an annual subscription for 30.42 euros per month. Students who pay a solidarity contribution will receive the ticket for a transitional period of 6 months (no subscription) in the summer semester 2023 and winter semester 2023/24 at a price of 134.30 euros each. The solidarity contribution will therefore be credited. Important note: The JugendTicketBW is valid for students from March to August. If you currently have a StudiTicket (price 210 euros) that is valid beyond 28 February 2023, the lower price of the JugendTicketBW will apply. The VVS will offer a corresponding reimbursement procedure. All information and FAQs can be found on the VVS website!

AusbildungsTicket 27/ U27: If you prefer to use a flexible monthly ticket, you can purchase the AusbildungsTicket 27/ U27. With this ticket, you can use local transport in the VVS area around the clock. Students up to and including 26 years of age pay 47 euros per month. Students aged 27 and over pay 56 euros a month or 46.67 euros for an annual subscription. More information about AusbildungsTicket!

StudiTicket: For students who are already 27 years and older, the StudiTicket for 210 euros and the Anschluss-StudiTicket for 307 euros will continue to be available in the summer semester. The tickets are valid for six months after purchase (even beyond 31.08.2023) and around the clock on the VVS network. More information about StudTicket!

Deutschlandticket: The Deutschlandticket will be introduced nationwide from May 2023. For 49 euros a month, you can use all means of local transport throughout Germany. The ticket will be offered as a subscription and can be cancelled monthly. 

Change to the Deutschlandticket in the VVS: Interested students can also join the Deutschlandticket subscription for 49 euros per month from 1 May 2023. Those who already have a StudiTicket, a JugendticketBW or a Anschluss-StudiTicket will have to be patient until the crediting process has been clarified. If a JugendticketBW for students has previously been purchased for six months, this will be credited against the price of the Deutschlandticket on a pro rata monthly basis and subsequently reimbursed by the VVS on application. A similar procedure is also offered for holders of (follow-up) StudiTickets. For each overlapping month, i.e. for the months for which a (connecting) StudiTicket and a Deutschlandticket are available, the VVS will reimburse one sixth of the (connecting) StudiTicket on application after expiry of the (connecting) StudiTicket against proof of use of the Deutschlandticket (in the case of the StudiTicket, taking into account the solidarity contribution). When purchasing the Deutschlandticket, the semester contribution already paid in the amount of € 8.03 per month will be reimbursed. The exact procedure has not yet been finalised, but will be published on the VVS website.