Cafeteria and Mensa: Students pay less

Students pay less: Starting Monday, April 3, this also applies to the cafeterias. If students pay with their student ID, they will receive a permanent discount of 10 percent on the entire cafeteria range - from coffee specialties and snacks to vouchers. This means that students no longer only pay a lower price than guests for the main meals in the Mensa and cafeterias, but now also for all other goods. Heads up: Trade goods from the cafeteria assortment is still marked with the regular price, the discount for students is deducted directly at the checkout when paying with the student ID.

As a means of payment, the student ID card is becoming enormously important in our institutions - also in the dining halls. As of April, those who pay with their student ID will receive their lunch at the low student price; otherwise, the regular guest price will apply for cash payments.

At the same time, due to the continuing high inflation, we are forced to adjust our prices in the cafeterias, which we have been able to keep stable so far, in contrast to the cafeteria prices. We know that students are particularly hard hit by inflation. By introducing a two-price system across the board, we want to mitigate the price changes for students. We can do this partly because the state explicitly subsidizes student food and beverages, but also because we save costs by reducing cash in our facilities (such as for secure cash transfers). We pass this directly on to the students.

Find out here how you can pay with your student ID card.