Change at registration

Students of the Universität Stuttgart and all universities as well as employees of the Universität Stuttgart who purchase food/beverages in our university gastronomy must fill out a registration receipt at the cash desk with immediate effect.

Those who do not wish to give personal details cannot be served and must leave the building.

Do I have to register every time I buy something in the cafeteria?

Only if you have not paid with your chip card for four weeks or pay in cash. Once you have filled out the receipt, we enter your personal data into our cash register system. From that moment on, your data is linked to your card number for four weeks and will be stored continuously for four weeks if you pay with your chip card within four weeks. Your personal data is continuously deleted every four weeks if no COVID case occurs.

Example: You pay on August 13th in the canteen with your chip card and register with the registration receipt. If you pay again with your chip card in the course of the next four weeks (i.e. until September 12th) - for example on September 10th - you do not have to fill in the receipt again, because your data will be stored again for four weeks from that day on (in this case until October 10th). However, if you do not pay for a purchase with your chip card until 13 August, you will have to register again using the registration receipt for purchases made after 14 September.

Please note: Because your data is entered manually into our checkout system, this is associated with a processing time of one day. On the first day of your registration it may therefore happen that you have to register via the receipt every time you pay with a chip card.

If you do not want your data to be entered into our checkout system, please indicate this at the checkout. Then you will have to enter your data manually on the receipt every time you buy something in our university gastronomy. You will also have to enter your data on the receipt each time you make a purchase if you pay in cash. If no COVID case occurs, your data will be deleted after four weeks.

In all cases the following applies: We collect and process your personal data only for the legally prescribed purposes from the Corona Ordinance of the Baden-Württemberg state government. You can find more information here.

Why does this concern all students and only employees of the Universität Stuttgart, not also employees of other universities?

In order to receive the automatic employee discount (1.50 Euro) in our university restaurants, employees of the Universität Stuttgart pay in our refectories and cafeterias with an extra chip card from the Studierendenwerk (this has a black colour). Employees of other universities have an ID-card with an integrated chip, which they use to pay and from which the staff discount is deducted.

Why is registration necessary?

With the chip card of the students or the black chip card of the university staff, we only record an anonymous card number, no personal data (such as name and address). Due to the Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg we are obliged to record the personal data of our guests. In case of a COVID infection we have to pass on this data to the public health department.

Please note: We collect and process your personal data only for the legally prescribed purposes from the Corona Ordinance of the state government of Baden-Württemberg. Your contact data will only be passed on to the health authorities upon request and otherwise deleted after four weeks. You can find more information here.