Seat reservation (Book-a-Mensa): eat or study

Eating in the canteen:

To keep the canteen a safe place for you and our staff, we ask that you book a seat before visiting the canteen This way, we can ensure that there are only as many guests on site as allowed by Corona policy.

You have the choice where to sit. We do not assign you a specific seat. Reservations are now mandatory if you wish to eat at our facility. You can order your seat 3 days in advance.

Study in the cafeteria denkpause:

From now on, you can study in the Cafeteria Denkpause. Simply select "Denkpause" in the menu field and the period from which you would like to book one of the 52 seats. Please note: Only one person may sit at each table. A booked seat is available for 3 hours daily between 9 am and 4 pm. The cafeteria is still open for the To Go service. You are welcome to eat and drink at your seat while studying. The places are bookable as learning places only!

Vaccinated, tested, recovered

You can only book a place in our facilities if you are fully vaccinated or fully recovered from COVID-19, or you can show an official notice of a daily negative Corona test. Please carry this proof with you, we are required by law to check this! Please always bring an additional identification document (ID card / driver's license / Mensacard, etc.) - we reserve the right to conduct random checks to verify the proof.

How to book a place FOR LUNCH OR LEARN:

  1. Fill out the form completely. Please note: Select the cafeteria where you would like to eat or the cafeteria Denkpause if you only want to book a study place. Your personal data is required in order to pass it on to the health authorities in the event of an infection. We are legally obligated to do so. Your data will be deleted four weeks after your visit. More information about data protection.
  2. You will then receive a verification code by mail. Copy this code into the form and you will receive your booking confirmation with a QR code by mail. You have not received an email? Check your spam mailbox.
  3. Show the QR code to our employees at the entrance - printed out or digitally.
  4. Find the seat of your choice: We do not assign you a seat. You can choose one of the free seats while observing the spacing rules. Your seat is now available for the entire booked time slot.


General information


During the reservation process, after entering your contact details, a verification code will be sent to your email address. Attention: Check spam filter! This verification code must still be entered during your reservation request to confirm your email address.

Using the option "Save my data", your contact data and the verification code can remain stored in the browser on the device you are using (cookie and local storage); this allows you to transfer this data to the server of the reservation system for further reservations without having to enter it again. After a successful reservation, you will receive a QR code with the booking ID and your other reservation information (booking ID, facility, day, time slot) by e-mail (check spam folder if necessary); alternatively, they will also be displayed in the browser at the end of the reservation process for a possibly necessary printout.

The QR code must be presented for scanning at the entrance when you visit the facility; you must also have the other reservation information with you when you visit the facility and be able to show it when requested by our staff. It is sufficient to carry the QR code and other reservation information on a smartphone and show it (email, wallet app). Alternatively, you can use the printout.

Time slot

When staying at the respective facility, the reserved time slot must be observed. Admission to the respective facility is possible up to 5 minutes before the start of the reserved time slot. You must be admitted no later than 15 minutes after the start of the reserved time slot or your reservation will automatically expire. If your reservation has automatically expired, you will not be able to reserve a seat again and thereby gain access until the next available time slot.


If you want to cancel your reservation, you can do so via the reservation confirmation you received by e-mail.

FAQ Book-a-Mensa

Why do I need to reserve a seat in the Mensa?

By reserving your seat, we can easily manage our quota of available seats. This allows us to ensure that there are only as many patrons on site as allowed by Corona regulations. This makes the dining hall a safe environment for you and our staff. Reservations are now mandatory if you wish to eat in our facility. We ask for your understanding. You can order your seat 3 days in advance.

Who can reserve a seat in the Mensa?

According to the current Corona regulations, students, staff and external guests may reserve a seat.

Will I be assigned a seat?

No, you have - under consideration of the distance rules - free choice of seat. You can order your place 3 days in advance.

How long can I stay at my seat?

After you have paid for your meal at the cash desk in the Mensa or you have registered during the thinking break, your seat is available to you until the end of the booked time slot. An extension is not possible. It is also not possible to book two time slots in a row. You can book your place 3 days in advance.

Can I cancel my place?

Yes, please follow the instructions in the email you received for the reservation. There you will find a link where you can cancel your reservation.

I forgot to reserve a seat. What to do?

You can also reserve a place directly on site. You can find links and QR codes to the reservation page in our facilities.