Wohnareal Stuttgart-Rot

Rotweg 58-70 and Fleinerstr. 9-15, 70437 Stuttgart


  • 31 places of residence
  • Shared apartments with 2 to 3 residents
  • 12 double apartments for student couples and families
  • Washing machines in the houses Rotweg 70 and Fleinerstr. 9
  • Bicycle cellar on demand


  • Room size: 12-15 m²
  • Room furnished with desk, chair, shelf, cupboard and bedRoom size
  • Shared shower & WC
  • WG common room equipped with tables, chairs, sofa, coffee table, TV bench
  • Size double apartments: 40-50 m²
  • Apartments furnished with double bed, wardrobe, sofa, shelf, desk, dining table and chairs, TV bench, coffee table
  • Kitchens equipped with stove, refrigerator, crockery cupboards
  • Various types of flooring (carpet, laminate, felt etc.). Please inform us in advance if, for example, no carpet is desired
  • Telephone, Internet and TV connection available in the common room of the shared flats and in the double apartments


  • 280-550 €
  • If double apartments are occupied by two people, the rent increases by 110 € per month
  • Internet is included in the rent

Public Transport

  • U7


  • Tapachpark
  • indoor swimming pool Zuffenhausen


  • All rooms can only be rented until 31.08.2023
  • All apartments with balcony or terrace
  • Beautiful location in the countryside
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More information

Office address

Fleinerstr. 15, basement (separate access)
70437 Stuttgart


Hausmeister Wohnareal Stuttgart-Rot
Bernhard Schmid
Facility Manager
+49 711 22 68374
+49 152 08431725
+49 711 12 09563


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 11 am

Sachbearbeitung Wohnareal Stuttgart-Rot
Laura Sklenar
Clerk Living
+49 711 4470-1080
+49 711 4470-2810

Office address

Rosenbergstraße 18
70174 Stuttgart

In case of malfunction of the washing and drying equipment, please contact the company Schäfer & Schwalb