New pricing Burger Bar

Since January, our burgers in Mensa Vaihingen have a new price - for the first time in two years: Students now pay 2.00 euros per 100 g instead of the previous 1.10 euros.

We understand the displeasure about the price development. Unfortunately, the price adjustment is unavoidable due to the massive increase in costs for food, staff and energy. 

Among other things, the cost of our special burger patties - the most important ingredient - has risen enormously. As we don't want to cut back on the size of the patty (approx. 130 gr.) or the quality, we have to adjust the price.

We hope for your understanding!

New: No more weighing of potato wedges. These are now available as a portioned side dish at a fixed price of 1.19 euros for students and 1.59 euros for guests.