New Menu structure

In order to be able to respond more flexibly to supply bottlenecks and price increases while offering more variety, we are adjusting our menu structure in the dining halls for the winter semester 2022/23. Every day, we offer a very affordable, heavily subsidized main course that appeals to many guests. At the same time, we offer variety with additional dishes and even more fresh, seasonal products. So there is something for every budget and taste. There will be no across-the-board price increase, but a new structure that allows us more flexibility and customer orientation:

In the future, there will be one main dish a day at a fixed, low price: The vegan hit for 2.99 euros for students. Vegan because we want to meet as many of our guests' needs as possible. The dish appeals not only to vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians, but also to people who consciously avoid animal products for ethical or religious reasons or because of allergies. The dish is also suitable for guests who pay attention to a climate-friendly diet.

Other main courses, soups, side dishes and desserts are created according to the season, available supply and cost of goods. These include dishes with meat or fish from sustainable production and fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our popular Mensa classics such as lentils with spaetzle, schnitzel with French fries or Maultaschen are also on the menu.



The massive price increases - especially in the energy sector and for food - also have a serious impact on us as a student union. For external heating, electricity and gas alone, we expect additional annual costs of at least 1.8 million euros. The cost of goods, especially in university catering, will increase by 1.2 million euros per year (as of the beginning of July 2022).

Unfortunately, we are forced to pass on the costs due to price increases and inflation - we do this as moderately as possible. After all, as a social, non-profit organization, we strive to keep our prices for rent, food and childcare for students socially acceptable. Students can continue to enjoy very affordable meals in our dining halls and cafeterias. The dynamic market also affects availabilities. Due to supply bottlenecks, we sometimes have to replace side dishes, for example, with other items at short notice than those announced in the menu.